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Waterjet Cutting Machine
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Industry Focused Waterjet Cutting Machine

Reliable Ultra-High-Pressure Intensifier Pump

Tassino waterjet sources intensifier pump from U.S.A. As the core part of a waterjet, a stable and reliable pump will save your time and labour cost in maintenance . Our standard pump can generate water pressure at 60,000 psi constantly which leads to an effective and efficient cutting process.

Environmentally Friendly

Waterjet cutting does not cause any flame or smoke, because waterjet cutting is a cold process. Also, waterjet cutting does not make any transform on materials. 

High Accuracy

Tassino waterjet is equipped with precise ball screw drive systems. Together with servo drive and motor system, it makes tassino waterjet cut accurately. Cutting Accuracy: 0.1mm Repeatability: 0.05mm

Full Support from Sydney

Tassino waterjet not only sells to customers, but also looks after customers. We provide service and spare parts from Sydney.

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