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The Applications of a Water Jet Cutting Machine

A water jet cutting machine is a powerful tool in the manufacturing industry and well worth investing in if your company needs a precise and versatile cutting solution for a variety of materials. These machines are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and accuracy in cutting materials and their applications in other industries. These machines can cut through metal, stone, glass, and composites.

Our Products

We provide the most reliable and trendy waterjet you’re looking for.

3 axis waterjet cutting machine

An entry-level of Tassino waterjet cutters, friendly to new operators as a 3 axis waterjet is easy to use. With built-in CNC controlling software, a 3 axis waterjet can make the shape you want on a piece of flat material.

5 axis waterjet cutting machine

A 5 axis waterjet cutting machine is most suitable for bevel angle cutting. 45 degree cutting perfectly suits stone industry.

Custom configured waterjet cutting machine

We can provide unique configured waterjet cutting machine according to you special requirements.

The place where you’ll get the perfect waterjet for all your cutting needs.

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Industries That Can Benefit From a Water Jet Cutting Machine

With water jet cutting machines being able to cut through thick materials with such ease, it makes them an ideal choice for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction.

In the aerospace industry, they are an ideal metal cutting machine to cut complex shapes and parts for aircraft. Their precision and accuracy make them ideal for cutting turbine blades and other critical components. They are also used in the automotive industry to cut metal parts such as gears and shafts.

In the construction industry, they utilise them as stone-cutting machine because they can cut cleanly through stone, marble, and granite. They cut intricate designs and shapes for building facades, flooring, and other architectural features, such as the fabrication of custom countertops and sinks. They offer a precise and clean-cutting solution for glass as a glass-cutting machine because the speed is adjustable based on the thickness and type of glass being cut.

The marine industry uses waterjet cutting machines to cut through thick steel plates for shipbuilding and cutting complex shapes for propellers. They are also used in the oil and gas industry to cut through thick metal pipes and other equipment.

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Is it Environmentally Friendly to Use a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Waterjet cutting machines are environmentally friendly as they do not produce any toxic fumes or waste. This is because they do not use heat in the cutting process, unlike other cutting methods such as laser or plasma. They do not produce hazardous waste, as the abrasive material used in the cutting process can be easily recycled. They are also cost-effective as they can easily cut through thick materials, reducing the need for multiple cuts and minimising waste.

Additional Reasons a Waterjet Cutting Machine is Effective

Fibreglass is a composite material often made of glass fibres embedded in a polymer matrix. When heated, the fibres soften, but if overheated, the resin can degrade, causing it to lose its structural integrity and strength. Therefore, when it comes to fibreglass, a waterjet cutting machine is very suitable as it can cut through without creating heat-affected zones.

Due to being extremely hard and brittle, traditional cutting methods, such as saws and grinders, are ineffective on porcelain slab, but waterjet cutting is because they use a high-pressure jet of water mixed with an abrasive material to cut through cleanly and precisely. They can also cut intricate shapes and designs without leaving rough edges, ensuring a high-quality finish.

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